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PostSubject: Whoopedazz   Whoopedazz Icon_minitimeSat 10 Nov - 18:34

Your name in the game : WHoOPEDAZz
Your true first name: Oliver
How you knew Savage : I dont really remember.. Youtube i think!
How you knew this website : Korders! Very Happy
What are you looking for in this clan : CW's and some fun! Razz ( But still some serious gaming! Wink )
Why should we take you (minimum 2 lines, Be convincing) :
Because I'm a good and serious player,
Im the best Panda ( Shaman ) and a good Summoner! Wink
But apart from Panda and Summoner I think I'm best as Human.. (:
Have you already a clan on Savage : No, i just dropped out..
If so, which one: I dont remember the name, the guild suxed..
If so, why will you have them :
Servers where you usually play : The Europe one (:
How long will you remain in the TEAM and be active there : Until we're getting tired of owning other clans.. Very Happy
Anything else : Ya.. I'm a very good Counter Strike gamer, you might have seen me.. Im also very good at making clan movies and images ( logoes and stuff.. ) Right now im setting up www.Swapy.dk - that is going to earn me some money Smile ..
I've recorded a film of my self after i played 4 days.. Only 4 days.. And i recorded for 2 hours, and took the best of it.
And i didnt have time for editing like a pro ( like i normaly does.. heh.. ) so i used Windows Movie Maker ( <-- That sux .. )
But you can look how i normaly do movies in my CSS movies..
YouTube Profile: https://www.youtube.com/swapywhoopedazz
Savage Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCPCbFMHgN0
CSS movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bu_-uFSPNK0

I've just started to play Savage again after a bigger pause..
So i just need to train my self up again.

Also, i play better CSS than in the movie, I've have some really nice demos ;D..

santa Whoopedazz 425880
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PostSubject: Re: Whoopedazz   Whoopedazz Icon_minitimeSat 10 Nov - 21:31

We don't mind that u play at css ^^ . And it's not because you are good on CSS that you are good in savage it's not the same game. we are recruit only for savage.
And at the moment all application are closed, be patient.
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