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The server [Fr] Sk_ European Server H-L has 44 public slots and 16 VIP slots, so a total of 60 players

Admin : Cola & Gagbey
Referee God : Cola, Loony, The Hungry predator, TheBalrog
Referee : TigerS!ne, Inferno, Haven

you want to be referee ? First go here Donation, which will give you VIP status on the server :
[Fr] Sk_ European Server H-L that means that you always have a free slot on this server.
Then, depend on your mentality and your way of thinking will can make you as referee.
( Use the private message to ask the status of referee )

Player rules of server [Fr] Sk_ European Server H-L :

1 - Players are not allowed to insult other players. Any kind of racism is not tolerated.

2 - Players must not exploit the map or the terrain, i.e.
__ - shooting over hills or walls with catapults or weapons that equal the effects of a catapult. If the
___ map design clearly allows to shoot over the walls (e.g. the mini variations) it is allowed.
___ Referees may decide if it's allowed when the situation is unclear.
__ - It is allowed to walk over buildings to destroy enemy shields if the building placement allows it.
__ - killing enemy units through walls, e.g. using behemoths
__ - avoiding map limitations, e.g. getting over grimm’s wall
__ - abuse the terrain to get to places other players can’t get to
__ - abuse the SEP stuck code.

3 - Players are not allowed to take the commander seat if they do not know how to command.

4 - Players must not take the commander seat to start a game and afterwards leave the commander seat again.

5 - Players are not allowed to talk another languages that French and English in global chat more than a few sentences. It is allowed to contact other people in your own language, aftewards please make use of /msg or spectator chat.

6 - Players are not allowed to copy other players or use other players’ clan tags / icons.

7 - Players should NOT camp at spawn locations with siege units. Camping suggests that the unit is not attacking and waiting for someone to come close to kill them. It's alloed only when your team losing and only at your base.

8 - Players are not allowed to switch to the other team when their team is losing.

9 - Commanders may not place buildings to gain unfair advantage, i.e. garrisons or sub lairs behind walls to make their players spawn on the other side.

10 - Commanders should try and calculate if they can stay long enough to take the commander seat, if not they should not take it.

11 - Commanders are allowed to spawn to attack units only against siege units or when your team losing for help your team. But he must take the commander before the final game. It's not allowed to bail.

12 - Commanders are not allowed to spawn at flag with siege units.

13 - Commanders are not allowed to place buildings on top of flags. It is allowed to build buildings surrounding the flag.

14 - Commanders are not allowed to place gateways at locations that cannot be reached by players.

15 - Commanders are not allowed to destroy their team's tech to end a game.

16 - Commanders are not allowed to spawn if the server 40 players or more.
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Server H-L & Sk_
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