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 How to play on duel server ?

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How to play on duel server ? Empty
PostSubject: How to play on duel server ?   How to play on duel server ? Icon_minitimeSat 9 Jun - 18:50

Before starting, you have to know that a duel server is only to play in duel, not to play "normal" game.
All units are available (in both humans and beasts) but you have any weapon except for humans who can hold 3 medpack and beast: rabid.
NB. siege units can't shoot except behemots who can use his tree and Care unit like chaplain have none of their powers.

Connect yourself on a duel server; you will recognize it by the sign DUELS in the Type column which is in server list.
Once connected, you will notice that you respawn within a flag. it will help you to change unit or race. you just need to press the E key while you'll get in the flag.Also, you will notice that you are already at level 21 (and you can't change it)

You have to know that there are 2 mode in duel server :

Duel Mode: this will allow only 2 players to "fight".
FFA Mode: this will allow everybody in this mode to fight but without medkit or rabid.

To change your mode, you just need to point at anything (except a player) and to press the F key.

Your are in duel mode => Now in Duel mode!
you are in FFA mode => Now in FFA mode!

To play a duel with someone, just point at the player and press the F key, youwill see that:
You have challenged someone to a duel

Now, you have to wait that this player accept the duel.
if he's ok, you will see:

someone has accepted your challenge!

if this player is already challenged you will see:
someone is already in a duel

if this player is not in the right mode (ie. duel mode) you will see:
This person is not in duel mode!

if you are in FFA mode, you will see:
Use your officier command on terrain first to go in duel mode

If the player cancel the duel, you will see:
someonehas cancelled the challenge!

if only you ask several players to make a duel with you, you will need to confirm your intent to make a duel with this player ,to remind your challenge
someone has been reminder your challenge

To cancel a challenge, just need to point at the ground and press the F key.
You have cancelled the challenge!

If someone challenge you to a duel, you will see:
someone has challenged you to a duel!

if this player insists to play a duel, you will see:
someone reminds you of his/her challenge.
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How to play on duel server ?
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